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People with insecure attachment styles whose emotional needs

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Ehrlich’s voice provides another kind of backdrop to the piece that, along with the museum’s setting and musical accompaniment, give On the Nature of Things a feeling somewhere between an episode of The Twilight Zone and a 1950s informational nature film. This aesthetic choice worked really well for me, as the words being spoken were so completely in contrast with that mindset, creating yet another of the hybrid forms for which Armitage is famous. Ehrlich warns us to think about the amount of life our planet can support before selfishly having a large number of children; as he says this, dozens of dancers rush the stage space to show the crowding of bodies ignoring such advice could create..

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My story that I think is funny. I was a kid way back in the 70s. McDonald was going to open a new restaurant in our little town and Ronald McDonald himself was going to appear at the grand opening. Those nasty old fuckers actually wanted to be around me, and tbh that made me feel good. So it wasn hard to survive at all. I may have legally been in my parent custody, but they never wanted it to begin with so it not like they were going to make me come back.

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