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The next year, Branson crossed the same ocean for the first

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Find a quiet place, close your eyes and begin listening to your breathing. This helps you to remain focused on space and serenity, instead of the busy thoughts and internal conversations we all experience during the day. You can simply tell your mind to let go of any distracting thoughts as they come up, and return to focusing on your breathing. Everything else cosmetically is perfect. They run extremely small!! I’m a 10.5, or 11 and it feels like a 9.5 or 10. All black and grey colorway. The entire impressive results actually done by these second timepieces at their Antiquorum auction simultaneous those achieved to Jacob the Jeweler’s jewelry pieces by visiting Sotheby’s Magnificent visit Gem stones and Jadeite public auction held in Hong Kong, October 09. In a similar fun time of events, a great Jacob Denver colorado. Cushion shaped diamond ring getting the highest merchandising item at.78 million, while virtually any yellow gold and moreover diamond necklace and in addition earring was lastly at 0,624. We’ve lit up your screen, buzzed your pocket and reached out across the room with our three note alert sound. We’ve told you about things you cared about, and helped you feel more in touch with the world. We helped you find out first, giving you an edge and even helping keep you safe.

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Look for better value in the next choices

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This teamwork was less apparent at other times. I didn know how to get the crew on the same page regarding the day to day work duties. Van Meegeren fabrications now inhabit a curious world of tainted celebrity. Pictures like the Lacemaker, one of his earliest forgeries from 1926, are immensely appealing; and in such pictures perhaps we can detect an honest desire to emulate Vermeer to the best of the forger abilities.

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cheap air max shoes Kennedy says he is sure the subject of Picnic at Hanging Rock will arise in that talk, too.A period film of a different kind comes on January 13 with Dogs in Space (1986), set in the Melbourne punk scene in 1978.“Director Richard Lowenstein and producer Glenys Rowe will be coming down for that,“ Kennedy says.“They’ll be talking about a range of topics including [star] Michael Hutchence and the atmosphere they created.“Given the film was set in what was then the recent past, Kennedy reckons a lot of time was probably spent combing op shops to get the right clothes and materials to get the right 1970s look for the film.At the National Portrait Gallery on January 12 at 3pm there will be a screening of Baz Luhrmann’s film Strictly Ballroom (1992), a film with some memorable costume designs especially for the ballroom dancers as well as colourful characters, quotable dialogue and some catchy songs. That night, Shall We Dance? features a „Tawdry Tales“ after dark tour of the exhibition from 5pm inspired by Baz Luhrmann with live ballroom dancing and a soundtrack to get your feet moving too.Back at the NFSA, two other musicals are screening in the season, a restoration of Starstruck (1982), about two teenagers trying to break into the music industry, on January 6, and The Sapphires (2012), about the real life Indigenous singing group, on January 7.Also on from January 6 to 14 at the archive is another exhibition of clothing with a more serious theme. cheap air max shoes

AND SO PART OF THE CONVERSATION IS ALSO GOING TO HAVE TO BE A REGIONAL CONVERSATION, BUT THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I VERY COMMITTED TO. WE GOING TO MAKE SURE TO GET IT DONE, WORKING TOGETHER. It’s the only way your boss can work to make it better and you simply can’t expect them to be a mind reader. So get yourself together, get in there and make the job better, simply by getting real with your boss..

In 1967, he came to Washington as legislative assistant to then Sen. Howard Baker of Tennessee and became an aide to Nixon political adviser Bryce Harlow in the White House. And will be televised on ESPN2. And will be televised on ESPN. Defined benefit system. I have stated we need to roll back benefits that California provides in excess of federal mandates for many services.

The Justice Department alleges that after it filed suit

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feist arrives with a variety of styles on her u

That takes a little pressure off the defense. We don feel like we have to hold teams to five goals to win the game. Little people figures are sizzling.Western: There are several variations American, urban and American Indian so this can get tricky. Basically, this style emphasizes sterling silver, accented with coral, turquoise and pink beads or stones.

Mr. Clinton has adamantly denied the allegations. Among other findings, the poll showed that most Democrats 59 percent think the state is headed in the right direction. An overwhelming majority of Republicans 84 percent think it’s not. The Justice Department alleges that after it filed suit against Full Tilt and two other major online poker sites in 2010, making a large dent in their huge profits, the owners of Full Tilt made up for diminished business by taking deposits from players and paying themselves with the proceeds. I am told that some big time players are out millions of dollars..

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cheap yeezys But, less than a month before the Games, Kennedy suffered a deep wound in his right hand when he scraped a nail that was jutting out of the Lake Placid track. In Calgary, he finished the four run competition in 14th place. Always been a kid who challenged himself, Jones Sr. Said. cheap yeezys

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„They had a big year ahead of them and high expectations, so I can imagine it’s pretty tough. The more receivers that we can utilize on the field, the better.“. „That was funniest. Just like real clowns!“. I’ve been on the committee for five years and its chairman for three. This week, the Science Advisory Board is providing the EPA administrator with a seminal report.

That may not sound like much, but it was a marked improvement from the 2013 unit that scored 5.2 goals per game. Barber credited assistant coach Mike Russo with revamping the offense to use more motion, add about 10 more plays to last year playbook, and install some two man games..

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It appeared for a while that Maryland would end that drought against a Clemson team that had yet to win in the ACC this season. But after leading for most of the night by as many as 11 points in the first half and by six with a little more than seven minutes left the Terps momentarily lost their poise and eventually the game, 73 69, before a crowd of 7,500..

cheap yeezy boost 350 Dundalk and Essex share many similar characteristics. Both are blue collar areas which have experienced economic hard times, an increase in crime and shrinking populations. 2 seed Ohio State. The women lacrosse team has been a perennial resident in the nation top 20 programs cheap yeezy boost 350.

Angst: Of the Mangst variety

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At one point it’s mentioned that Nova is in Paris. She later shows up on the Eiffel Tower when it crashes down at the end. From Bad to Worse: What’s worse than tornadoes with sharks in them? Flaming and electrified tornadoes with flaming and electrified sharks in them. Angst: Of the Mangst variety. He never resorted to open whining about his problems and would only reluctantly seek help which actually may have made his problems worse, as they were not so well known. Artistic Stimulation: Taiji was a heavy user of alcohol, weed, and stimulants. True Tail follow the adventures of Caleb Truetail, an orphaned kitten looking for a family, who finds one in the most unlikely of places: a group of mercenaries. Accustomed to working alone, and willing to sell their services to the highest bidder, these mercenaries find themselves being forced to team up in order to obtain an artifact for an evil cockatrice. Will this group of rowdy „heroes“ overcome their flaws and work together? Or will they succumb to the treacherous plans of Eldritch the Necromancer?.

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Hermes Replica Bags Dad the Veteran: Viktor’s father fought in World War I but this won’t save him from being deported as a Jew. Deadpan Snarker: Friedhelm is very cynical about the entire war, and when he does open his mouth, it’s usually to let everyone around him know. The snark wears off as the breaking sets in, however. Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune. Alia sends Buer Agarves to meet with Stilgar with an offer of peace. Agarves doesn’t know that it’s a trick, that Alia has hidden a signal transmitter in his boots to lead her forces to Stilgar so they can capture him, Irulan and Ghanima. Escher. Or by a terrain randomizer that doesn’t keep track of where you have been, so that it may happily let you take seven quick 90 degree turns to the right in a row and come to a new location each time. Or for Fridge Horror, the idol cursed you so that you can never leave, and you will be stuck there forever no matter how careful you are or how fast you run Hermes Replica Bags.

Charlie Burchill a Matchless

, 01. Duben, 2013, sekce Kytary, kytaristé a aparáty

charlieburchill Jak jsem mohl na Mr. Charlieho zapomenout? Vždyť jsem poslechem jeho kytary a aranží strávil tolik času… Pro ty, kteří netuší, bych měl snad napsat, že je to kytarista ze skotských Simple Minds.

Cybermuff studio

, 22. Únor, 2013, sekce Cybermuff Studio

Moje projektové studio je sice malé rozlohou, ale občas přetéká vybavením. Rád pracuji kreativně, jsem schopen podle základního nápadu vytvořit kompletní nahrávku se synťáky, elektronickými nebo virtuálními živými (na přání i skutečnými), kytarami, vokály. Stačí popěvek a nápad, který nosíte v hlavě a můžete mít konečně svůj singl, písničku nebo celou desku i když nemáte kapelu nebo třeba hraje něco úplně jiného, než byste si představovali.

Cybermuff studio 1-2014

Základem je samozřejmě legální programové vybavení a řada počítačů, které výkonově jsou schopné stačit mým vyšším požadavkům.


Steinberg Cubase 7.5 full

Steinberg Wavelab

spousta efektových pluginů a VST nástrojů:

  • Waves (řada produktů a balíků)
  • Toontrack (velká řada produktů)
  • UAD-2 PCIe hw efektová karta + pluginy
  • IK Multimedia T-racks a další
  • …mnoho dalších…


Hlavní PC:


  • Intel i7 Ivy Bridge 3700k, 16GB RAM, 2x SSD + více dalších HDD
  • RME AiO (ADAT)
  • dualhead VGA


Druhé PC:


    • Intel Core2Quad, 8GB RAM, 5x HDD
    • RME Hammerfall 9652 (ADAT)
    • dualhead VGA


+další počítače (např. spec. pro ext.nahrávání bicích)…


Další hw:

MIDI: TAPCO Link.USB, EMU 2×2, EMU XBoard61, Evolution UC-16, Worlde Panda, Behringer BCF-2000,…

Old hw synth: Kawai K-4, EMU Orbit, Korg 05/W


Mix a hw k němu:

DDX3216+ADT1616 (2xADAT)+ADA8000+AES/EBU

(na mixu se nemíchá, slouží hlavně jako příposlech a přepínací matrix, protože toho tady mám hodně)

Preamp ART Pro MPA II

Kompresory FMR Audio RNC1773

Analyzér DEQ2496 (pouze jako analyzér, není v cestě audia)

Sluchátkový zesilovač Behringer HA4700

Direct boxy GI100 a další


  • Focal CMS50+subwoofer
  • 2xBehringer C50A (upravené)
  • Prodipe Pro8v2
  • kontrola na dalších PC repro Genius+Behringer MS20


  • Beyerdynamic DT-990
  • Beyerdynamic DT-770
  • Philips, Technics, Koss, Behringer a hromada dalších…

Mikrofony lampové T-bone (upravené), celá řada dalších (Beyer, Shure, Prodipe, páskový T-bone…)

UPS Powerware


Další procesory (V-verby, Roland, preamp Kitty Hawk…), zvukové karty (Tapco, Behringer, RME), kopec dalšího vybavení včetně dalších 3 mixpultů atd…

Co používám za kytary a na kytary najdete v sekci Setup.

Přesněji většina vybavení je mimo studio ve skladu a stěhuje se v případě potřeby. Takže pokud se rozhodnete třeba u mne něco natočit, tak zhruba toto vás tady čeká.


Trocha historie:

Krucinál, zabili Kennyho.

Pilotní kabina Rok 2010 a moje studiíčko v jednu ráno…
pracovna1 Tak takhle to vypadalo v roce 2007 (ve 3 ráno)…
slavkovo A takhle to vypadalo v roce 2004 ve 2 ráno…

Marshall JVM410 preset list

, 14. Prosinec, 2012, sekce Kytary, kytaristé a aparáty

Pokud používáte Marshall JVM410, tak jistě jste rádi, že má spoustu pamětí na uložení presetů. Bohužel polohy potenciometrů si pamatovat nemůže, takže je dobré si polohy někam zaznamenávat – například točíte s jedním zvukem, ale upravíte si ho pro danou chvíli a neradi byste znovu hledali to samé nastavení…

Kostky jsou vrženy – Behritone C5A a C50A

, 19. Leden, 2012, sekce Testy

family-c5a-c50aMixujete a nahráváte? Pak jste určitě řešili, jak poslouchat – a zejména na jakých monitorech. Jedny hrají takhle, jedny jinak, jedny přesněji, druhé méně. Nakonec to stejně je potřeba kontrolovat na nějakých malých, ale jednou je tam hallu moc, podruhé zase něčeho jiného, pak to zase hraje špatně v mono režimu… Určitě máte svůj kvalitní hlavní poslech vyřešen kvalitním nearfieldy, ale na čem to kontrolovat? Samozřejmě zkušení zvukaři mají již své osvědčené řešení, ale podle mne je řada z vás (nebo nás?), kteří hledají tu správnou cestu k poslechu, který pomůže k dokonalému mixu.


Vylepšete si (trochu) kontrolér BCF-2000

, 29. Prosinec, 2011, sekce Tips & Trixx

bcf2000V řadě studií i u zvukařů se zabydlely kontroléry Behringer BCF-2000, které jsou nejdostupnější variantou motorových faderů v +/- použitelném provedení. Díky „Mackie Control“ režimu se dají používat velmi dobře i pro ovládání DAW typu Cubase, což je můj případ. Když jsem před drahnou dobou poprvé v Cubase zkusil BCF-2000, tak jsem se zhrozil, jaký žentour se skrývá uvnitř. Ani moc nemá cenu ukazovat původní stav těm, kteří BCF nemají, ti kdo ho ale mají, určitě vědí, co myslím. Zvuk a pohyb faderů dá zapomenout na hudební tvorbu a spíš vzbudí očekávání, když už se to definitivně rozpadne. No a tomto článečku trochu pomůžeme BCF a naučíme ho kultivovanějším pohybům. Vyložená krása to sice stále není, ale výsledek je určitě lepší, než předtím.


Jak si vylepšit čínský lampový mikrofon

, 06. Červen, 2011, sekce Tips & Trixx

img_20110520_195015-bV dnešním tipu na vylepšení levného vybavení se podívám na v současné době dostupné čínské velkokapslové lampové mikrofony. Je jich celá řada, asi nejpopulárnější jsou od německého Thomanna, který si je nechává vyrábět na zakázku v továrně Feilo, která je známá samozřejmě i tím, že se v ní vyráběly mikrofony sE a i nyní snad z této továrny pocházejí díly pro tyto mikrofony. Některé z produktů jsou tak spíše staršími typy sE. Ceny jsou výborné, ale pojďme se podívat na to, co v mém případě mi vadilo na jednom modelu – a podle řady názorů jde o stejnou vlastnost řady jiných mikrofonů čínské provenience.